2005 Top T.E.N movies

2005 Top T.E.N movies


2005 Top T.E.N Films

Could have made the record of not for its horrible ending, this film shows the awesomeness of alien monsters like never before. Spielberg fused old-style movie monsters with the latest special effects to provide you with a visually spectacular version of the War of the Worlds. Although this movie was breathtaking in the beginning and middle, it is ending left much to be desired, unlike the TOP T.E.N we've chosen for 2005's Best T.E.N!

This movie was as daring as it was daring. Shot entirely behind a green screen, all the films characters worked really well together to produce some of their most dramatic, amazing scenes. Watching this movie brought back that comic book feeling which you used to have when you brought your characters to life in mind.

DC has come back with a vengeance not seen since Richard Pryor stole all those pennies in Superman III. Batman begins the conflict afresh between Marvel and DC for superhero supremacy. The battle lines are drawn from movie since they were in the comics, with Marvel going for flash and actions, whilst DC opting for more depth and battle. Bruce Wayne is superbly played by Christian Bale who knows how to play dark (see The Machinist). Though I believe that Katie Holmes actually detracted from the film, you get a feeling that big things are in store for our caped crusader.8 - Weddin