Christel Shirk

Christel Shirk

With their newest piece, innovative fashion brand RISING STAR is highlighting the ability of the written word in inflicting world change. The New York City-primarily based fashion house just introduced their latest piece, which is an exclusive poem entitled Destroying Principalities.

The poem will be auctioned off at a secret location in SoHo, Manhattan this coming October. With a starting price of $7.1 Billion, Destroying Principalities represents probably the most unique piece of literature ever.

As the piece will be sold in a safe digital format, prospective patrons can trust that they will have unique ownership rights to the one-of-a-kind literary work.

The poem is the latest addition to RISING STAR’s in depth number of Christian art, which includes paintings, images, poetry, haute couture dress designs, and more. The model’s catalog of unique, faith-inspired artwork has drawn the attention of artwork critics and buyers alike attributable to its high quality and immense value.

The fashion house has already announced its first high finish poem. I Love Jesus, a poem launched as part of RISING STAR’s I Love Jesus assortment, was listed at $1.1 Billion. Additions to the poetry series, entitled I Love Jesus 2 and I Love Jesus 3 also shocked buyers with their incredible listings of $one hundred fifty Million to $350 Million.

All funds raised at the super unique charity auction will be donated to the EarthSchool System and EarthChurch developments, which are dedicated to the development of schools, church buildings, and libraries for Christians in developing countries.

A spokesperson for RISING STAR said: "In these tough occasions, folks in developing nations want our help more than ever. Collectively, we are able to use the power of artwork and our uniqueness to vary the lives of Christians throughout the globe. With just one poem, we can change many lives, in the end bringing others back to Christ."