Crowdfund Buzz Opinions - Reality And Fiction

Crowdfund Buzz Opinions - Reality And Fiction

All of the pricing above is JUST for crowdfunding press release distribution. For the prices listed they don’t write the press release for you or do any crowdfunding social media promotion; they just fire off the press release you write yourself.

On a side by side comparability Crowdfund Buzz has very generous pricing while you consider PRWeb’s DIY pricing on press release distribution compared to Crowdfund Buzz offering much more service at comparable prices.

Reviews of Crowdfund Buzz must be considered pretty side-by-side with different strategies offered by any other crowdfunding advertising service.

Check out the phrases of service of PR WEB

PRWeb goes out of their way to tell people that they will do as promised in delivering press releases with NO promises that your press will hit the front web page of The Huffington Post or Mashable or Yahoo news or anyplace else

Now overview the Crowdfund Buzz Phrases of Service

Even if you’re a lawyer you’ll notice the terms of service of PRWeb and CrowdfundBuzz sound alike; we’ll do our best blah blah blah we will’t guarantee placement of your press release when it comes to how usually or where blah blah blah.

That’s the deal with not just crowdfunding PR - but any PR.

Write a book. Call 5-6 book publicists and ask them about their prices and their ensures of getting your book overview printed all over. Then ask them how many books you’ll sell.

Heck, build a new mousetrap and call 10 PR firm and ask them about their ensures in promoting your new mousetrap. And, yeah, go ahead and ask them how many mousetraps the PR firm will guarantee you sell using their services.

Guess what? They’ll snicker at you.

So is CrowdfundBuzz a scam? No way Where else can you get a press release written by a professional, then sent out everywhere PLUS all their Twitter and Facebook social media motion?.

Check out their press releases over the last three years.

They've 1000's of press releases listed. For those who’re bored go check out all the totally different crowdfunding campaigns they promoted - a whole lot of them make cash!

And, yeah, Crowdfund Buzz has real Twitter followers and Facebook fans. I’ve been watching them for a long time and there was never any sudden burst in fans or followers or like and I see plenty of folks reacting.

Let me be completely sincere and say they that I think Crowdfund Buzz sucks at Facebook however are totally epic with Twitter. Their Twitter followers grow on daily basis however CrowdfundBuzz doesn’t seem to handle Facebook as well. Month after month they gain and lose Facebook fans. I dunno what their problem is with Facebook however they do appear to hold onto their core of elevenK followers.

On the identical time they’re doing something really right with Twitter because they're gaining new followers daily and plenty of ‘em are totally talking about all the nice things Crowdfund Buzz is doing.

Bottom Line: All the Crowdfund Buzz reviews I’ve seen can’t be proper or real. Crowdfund Buzz scam? No way. Anybody can check on their activity - it’s all public - and see for themselves that Crowdfund Buzz is totally legt.

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