7 Web Design Mistakes To Avoid

7 Web Design Mistakes To Avoid

If you wish to launch your enterprise website, we advise that you just keep away from the 7 widespread web design mistakes. Avoiding these mistakes is important as they will ruin your website and will have a negative impact on the consumer experience. Let's check out these mistakes.

The Menu System is Complicated

If consumers discover it hard to search for their desired product in your website, they will get annoyed. In line with the newest reports, customers don't spend more than four seconds on a website to look for what they want.

During this brief period, in the event that they fail to get what they want, they will click away. Therefore, your website must be able to provide information about the desired products primarily based on model, colour and size.

The Navigation is Poor

Poor navigation is one other common web design mistake. For visitors, navigating your site must be hassle-free or they may get frustrated and click away. Subsequently, the navigation needs to be as straightforward as possible.

Web Pages take ages to Load

Ideally, your site should not take more than 2 to three seconds to load. If it takes longer, you will expect a reduction in traffic. Many factors have an impact on the web page load times like content on each web page, hosting server, and internet speed, to name a few.

Among these factors, the design of your website is the most important. Apart from this, you'll want to make sure that the touchdown web page loads faster than different pages. The reason is that Google indexes the touchdown page.

The Registration Form or Web page shouldn't be Interesting

The registration page or kind can also be important. If it's not interesting, many of the users won't trouble signing up. This web page ought to be straightforward to find. If attainable, you might wish to permit the customers to sign up utilizing their social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, and Gmail.

Videos or Audios play Automatically

Although you possibly can upload audios and movies in your site, make sure they do not play automatically. In different words, the video should be played only when a user hits the play button. How will you predict if the person needs to hear the audio or not?

The Website will not be Mobile Gadget Friendly

First, it's best to understand the difference between a mobile-friendly design and a mobile-optimized design. If the design is mobile pleasant, your site will work the same way regardless of the gadget type.

On the other hand, a mobile-optimized design optimizes images and corrects spacing. A mobile-friendly design is better for better search engine rankings.

Poor search engine optimisation Techniques are being used

If you are utilizing improper web optimization techniques, you are making a grave mistake. Good SEO is necessary if you wish to have your website listed in engines like google for organic traffic. Due to this fact, make certain your website makes use of good web optimization techniques.


In brief, the design of your website is vital if you're looking to increase visitors and gain more and more buyers by your site. Subsequently, we advise that you simply avoid these mistakes no matter what. Hope this helps.

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