Twitter's Redesign Includes New Font, Less Visual Clutter

Twitter's Redesign Includes New Font, Less Visual Clutter

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At the time of this writing, there was a smattering of discounted items available: A third-generation Echo Dot for $32 ($8 off retail), an Echo Show 5 for $42 ($38 off retail and $3 cheaper than the current deal), an Echo Studio for $180 (a whopping $20 off retail). Certified Refurbished Alexa gear comes straight from Amazon The easiest place to start is at Amazon's own Certified Refurbished Echo and Alexa Devices store. And there were plenty more discounts where those came from.

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Twitter on Wednesday unveiled a new design for its website, including a new font, higher-contrast colors and less visual clutter. The social media company said the changes are meant to make it easier for people to scroll through text, photos and videos.

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The site's colors are now higher contrast and less blue so photos and videos on Twitter stand out more. There are also fewer gray backgrounds and divider lines, and the company said it increased space to make text easier to read. 

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