death - obituary

death - obituary

death - obituary let’s release the ones that have committed crimes and were sent to prison, just to keep other prisoners safe from the corona virus!!!!! Let’s not worry about death - obituary in the cities and towns in America.That has to be the most IDIOTIC decision I’ve heard being implemented since all this begin. Isolate the prisoners that are vulnerable but keep them all in prison or jail!


Kelly Sullivan Muller If they are left in their cells they will be Practising social distance... if visitation rights are cut off just like the rest of us staying in our homes they’re unlikely to come in contact.. this gesture is insane.


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Donna Hosie Ramon So inmates who have been locked behind bars for God knows how long, are going to abide by the rules and lock themselves up somewhere else. 1.6K


Chris Sale It's an excuse to create a pathway to martial law. Release criminals into society, robberies and crimes will spike. Unattended businesses will be looted and now they NEED to implement martial law to "help" you.


Kathy McGlaughlin While I don't necessarily agree with this, I can understand the thinking behind it. Unfortunately, it is rather nearsighted. They will be releasing inmates who may end up preying upon the elderly at risk law-abiding citizens not locked up in nursing homes.


Lamanda Thomas Dansby From a safety perspective, if no inmate is positive why release them to the exposure. There should be more screening on who is accepted to the prisons


Laura Summers Wow. No words for this proof of absolute depravity of our government officials. This decision gives me more anxiety than the virus! Now we are living in a Stephen King novel.


Tamara Blackman I’m pretty sure they’re probably safer from the virus in an isolated facility. All they would need to do is bump up sanitation procedures for those workers that come in from outside the facility. death - obituary is the dumbest thing I’ve seen so far in all of this ordeal.


Kevin Campbell Don't let the poor inmates suffer the consequences of their crimes. Turn them out to prey on the most vulnerable during this difficult crisis.


Anita Miller Wouldn’t keeping them in protect them more? death - obituary in contact with them means less exposure. death - obituary is in assisted living and has to stay in her apartment with her meals brought to her door. We both know it’s for her protection but who’s the real prisoner here?


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Michelle Woodward How do these Officials know the Prisoners have safe places to go? Especially Los Angeles that has a large Homeless population currently suffering from infectious diseases. This may be a feel good moment for those in charge but if everyone is supposed to social distance, how does this help?


Joe DiGiovanni Am I reading this correct? Why would death - obituary be doing this? Isolate them from the rest of the inmates. Dont let them out to create more problems.


Pat N. Stegall Unbelieveable! I live in an Asst. Living/Independent Living Facility in Henderson, Nevada and we are under LOCK DOWN!!!!!. We cannot leave our apartments at all, having our meals delivered to us 3 times a day and even the Mail man is not allowed in t…See More


Steve QuietWolf Bachand I dont get it, government says stay in your house then they release prisoners?:something is not right here with this whole thing.


Joe Chaney Meanwhile California will be arresting law abiding citizens for going outside!!!! Idiocy!


death - obituary And people wonder why the 2nd Amendment is so important. death - obituary is why ! The Government releases inmates and says you are responsible for your own safety Good luck with that all you anti gun law folks this might change your mind .


Ken Scott Everything closed, no jobs, nothing to do but commit crimes, please show them the way to the politicians neighborhoods. Actually bus tours showing where politicians live would be good so that they can visit in the middle of the night and thank the politicians.


Craig Chaplin Jr. Releasing criminals.. to protect other criminals that broke the law and deserve the consequences they’re receiving. Meanwhile, those criminals being released are now on the streets, possibly harming citizens that didn’t break the law and don’t deserve to live among the criminal. Makes complete sense! Awesome idea.


Greg Hicks Isolate them in their jail cells, no yard time, and bring them their meals. No reason to endanger the public by releasing prisoners. Can't do the time, don't do the crime.


Pam Morris-Heckman What the heck does that help with? This is complete insanity. So things are getting more and more chaotic everyday and you want to ramp it up exponentially because???


Michael Moledor This makes no sense whatsoever. Just when you solve crime with a virus keeping people to themselves ....... now I’m wondering if the govt let them out for population control. Very strange times.


Jason Whitt I work in a prison and can’t figure out this move. It would make much more since to put prisons on lockdown. They want social distancing and isolation. A lockdown would give you both.