How To Find Your Affiliate Marketing Niche

How To Find Your Affiliate Marketing Niche

What exactly is a niche?
The definition of a niche is: A situation or activity specially suited to an individuals interests, abilities, or nature. A special area of need or demand for a product of service.

No matter what type of business model online or offline, you first have to define your niche.
Your niche should be something you have experience in. This is really important as it is much easier if you know something about the subject and the people you are trying to reach. Writing articles, blogging, creating content will be a lot easier if you are familiar with your niche.

On the other hand, just being familiar with your niche is not enough if it is of no interest to buyers. If you don't have a niche you are experienced in, then make a list of the niches that are selling like hot cakes, do a little research on what people are talking about in social media and forums, do some Google searches to see what's hot and choose the one that you will be comfortable researching and writing about.

Now let's take it a step further.

Because the internet is information driven, you need to be in a niche that you can write lots of information about. I suggest you look in EzineArticles. They are the biggest article directory out there. There are tons of other really good article directories, as well. Just Google free articles.
Take a look at how many articles there are in your niche and their popularity. If there are quiet a few with a high popularity, then not only does this show you there's a market for your niche, but also will provider you with tons of content ideas. Once you submit your own content to directories, you will get links from others reading and using your articles on their sites and blogs.

Cool, huh? Make sure you do not plagiarize other people's work. Anything online with someone's name on it is copyrighted content. When submitting your articles make sure you submit them to all the categories you possibly can that relate you your niche.
You never know which category will hit a nerve and get loads of views!

Next search out the largest most popular forums in that niche. I suggest you both Google forums in your niche as well as looking on big-boards dot com. Select a few and participate. DON'T SPAM!!

Get in on the conversations, interact, develop relationships, Globe Shop don't just leave 'buy my product' comments with your product link, everybody HATES that and you won't last long in that forum!

Next do regular monthly keyword searches to be sure there is continued interest in your niche.
I suggest:

- Google Keyword Tool External - This information comes directly from Google searches per month


The free version compiles daily search information from the small search engines: Give them both a try then stick with the one you like so that your numbers are consistent.

I usually go with keywords that have under 50,000 searches a month for my main keywords because they have less competition. You can and should use some of the lesser searched word for article writing.

A strategy I use I learned is to chose moderately popular products so you balance moderate conversion with moderate competition from other affiliates.
Also you should have multiple products or sites to promote in that niche.

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